Full Electric Hospital Bed


  Carelinc Provides our clients with the best full electric hospital beds available.  Raise your head, legs, or both.  Entire bed also raises and lowers to aid in patient transfers.  Some competitors only offer semi-electric hospital beds.  At Carelinc we only provide full electric hospital beds.

Full Electric Bariatric Bed


 Carelinc has a large selection of bariatric equipment, including beds, wheelchairs, lifts, and much more. 


Freedom Bed by ProBed


The Freedom Bed™ is a unique TURNING BED SYSTEM that is automated, programmable and VOICE-CONTROLLABLE. This fully-integrated mechanical turning system runs silently, in manual or automatic modes, while operating safely on a low voltage 12-Volt DC system, with ˜ 48-hour battery back up.

The bed is designed to provide lateral rotation therapy (AUTOMATICALLY TURNING A PATIENT 365-DAYS…NO QUESTIONS ASKED). The increased frequency of rotation, made possible by the Freedom Bed, is a major clinical benefit, for the management, treatment and prevention of complications associated with immobility, such as; pressure ulcers (bed sores), pneumonia, pain, gastric and bowel dysfunctions, and other conditions including; discomfort and poor sleep. These complications are usually experienced by people with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, MS, MD, ALS, stroke and from many other conditions that result in immobility, including old age.

The bed-user is turned laterally through a 60° range of rotation on a three-section platform and custom-designed, three-sectional wound care mattress. The rotation is timed (rather than random) when under computer control in automatic mode. The schedule is totally adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of sleeping patterns and positions, from 5° to 30° in left and right rotations, dwelling from 2 minutes to 4 hours in left, center or right positions, without the aid of caregivers, institutional staff or family members. The user may also control the bed manually with a hand-held wand, a ‘buddy-button”, or by voice control.

The bed combines powered hi-low, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg, head and leg elevations, accurate positioning and rotation built into a single safe system. This accurate positioning eliminates torsional twisting of the body as experienced on air turning mattresses. The Freedom Bed™ was engineered to keep the body in line, cradling and supporting the patient during rotation along the spinal axis (see video), to different stable and comfortable sleeping positions, preventing friction and lateral shear forces. Additionally, the bed will rotate with head elevation to 30°, accommodating users with ventilators, tube feeding or reflux problems.

Numerous clinical studies demonstrate that frequent repositioning shifts fluids in the lungs and re-establishes blood flow to compressed tissue; preventing the development of life-threatening respiratory problems, bedsores and other complications of immobility. Many Freedom Bed™ user’s case studies and testimonials confirm that, the extraordinary benefits of the Freedom Bed™ include better health outcomes, and an improved quality of life for bed-users and caregivers, alike.

The Freedom Bed by ProBed Medical Technologies - A TURN for the better!  

Carelinc is the only authorized dealer of the Freedom Bed by ProBed in Michigan.  Please call Carelinc for More information.