At Carelinc we provide our clients with the best, high quality wheelchairs.  We provide all our clients high strength, lightweight wheelchairs.  Carelinc also has an experienced rehab department which specializes in custom power and manual wheelchairs.  We also have an experienced repair and modifications department.

Manual Wheelchairs


  Carelinc provides our clients with the best products on the market, our Manual wheelchair fleet includes Sunrise and Invacare brand chairs.

 Power Wheelchairs 

  Carelinc offers a wide variety of Custom Rehabilitation Wheelchairs, we work with your Doctor to create a custom fit that helps you maintain your independence.

Power Operated Vehicles (POV)


  Carelinc has a large stock of Power Operated Vehicles (POV).  POV's are lighter and more manuverable than standard power wheelchairs.  Stop by and check out or stock at our Grandville Location.